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Palazzo Capponi & Chiesa San Dalmazzo

Palazzo Capponi is a 3000 square meter medieval building. The palace thrones at the top of the San Dalmazzo cliff in the small village of Triora. 

The view from the terrace at the south end of the building is magical and is an accessible gathering point for Palazzo Capponi's guests.

The palace is being renovated to be a gourmet restaurant by creating a culinary meeting between Nordic and Italian cuisine. The indoor room will accommodate about 14 tables spread over several adjoining rooms. The owner also plans to build 3 exclusive condos and 4 suits in the palace. 

For now the palace is used by artists for working place, exhibitions, workshops, conferences and more. 

Chiesa San Dalmazzo

Palazzo Capponi has

its own church:

"Chiesa San Dalmazzo", 

with space for about

120 people.

The baroque church room,

from the year 1390 is incorporated in the palace

and was purchased by

Brænd Ellefsen AS

from the Vatican in spring 2014.

The church will host fairs, weddings, baptisms and concerts.

Palazzo Capponi- the roof from 2001 to finish in 2017

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