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Molino di Mauta

Welcome to Molino di Mauta. Molino di Mauta is a small mill house, a half-hour walk from the palace. Here you can enjoy a swin in the crystal clear pools of the river under a waterfall. 

Drink water straight from the mountains natural water source. You will eat the finest food and drink the best wine, provided to you by Per Christian Ellefsen, while watching the fireflies as the evening occurs. 

The mill house  consists a kitchen, 3 bedrooms and a large living area at the millstone. From annex sees straight down into the crystal clear swimming pools where the trout are hiding between the rocks. 

Beside swimming  you are able to cultivate activities like barbecues, canyoning and hiking.


The mill house have been extensively renovated exterior and interior, and it is built a large roof for out door activities on the porch. 

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